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Goat farmer, cheese maker and weaver Tristan Smith is working on her North Yorkshire smallholding when a chance visit by archaeologists exposes a skeleton in an abandoned WW2 bunker. But it’s not a wartime casualty.

Tristan becomes involved in the search for the truth about her predecessors, as DI Greg Geldard follows a trail from North Yorkshire to the Norfolk Broads. He is seeking justice for a long dead victim; but another casualty is hunting for a new life and a safe place to start again.

Secret Places introduces DI Greg Geldard and first responder Ben Asheton. You will meet them again in the second in the series 'Glass Arrows'. 

Praise for Secret Places

'This is a unique and fascinating novel that really delves deep into society's murky depths..'

'I was hooked and engaged in this fascinating and intriguing story'

'Heather has woven this terrible theme (domestic violence) into the story with great skill. Not just another crime story!'

'The plotting...was fantastic' 'highly, highly recommended.'

'a great book and I will look out for the rest of the series'


'not your standard mystery thriller - the author successfully included an underlying message which was not allowed to overpower the story.'


'It is an astounding tale  that is guaranteed to keep you entertained to the very last page'

22nd July 2021

Glass Arrows 


The anticipated sequel to Secret Places


DI Geldard No 2


The Author then


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Heather Peck has written for as long as she can remember. Her first play, written when she was 7, was performed at her school.  In 2019, inspired by a positive experience and encouraging feedback from the Introduction to Writing Crime Fiction course run by UEA, she carved out space in her diary and wrote a story she had always wanted to. Secret Places is the first in her series featuring DI Greg Geldard.


The space between the play and the book was filled by a busy career mainly in agriculture. She has been a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Agriculture / Defra (her farmer husband was described as 'sleeping with the enemy') and has bred both sheep and alpacas commercially. While in Defra she worked in many very different areas including plant breeding, animal health emergencies, the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster and in a government laboratory; all experiences which inform her writing.  


Since then Heather has pursued her passion for animal welfare and served on a number of Boards as Chairman or Director. She is currently Chair of Lantra UK, a Trustee of Norfolk Citizens Advice and a volunteer in the Witness Service. She lives in Norfolk with her husband, two springer spaniels and four hens.



For any inquiries, please contact Heather Peck

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