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this held me enraptured and enthralled from the first page, I was hooked and engaged in this fascinating and intriguing story.

I loved this wonderful, thrilling and intriguing book. The characters just jump out and I can clearly see them walking around, breathing and laughing right now. 
This is unique and fascinating novel that really delves deep into society’s murky depths of marriage, abuse and power  Zoe's book nook

Another great read to share with you. Domestic Violence is very much a pertinent and real issue in today’s society.  Heather has interwoven this terrible theme into the story with great skill. Not just another crime story!

The plotting for a first time novel was fantastic. The turn of events around a skeleton found in a farm house and what led it there are masterful. 
Highly, highly recommended. Chopper crime books

 Around 60 pages in, I thought I had the novel all figured out and it was going to be a predictable detective novel! However, I was wrong and I must apologise for this. The author throws a great twist in the book! The book is told through multiple points of view and as most people are aware, I am a huge fan of this as it adds to the suspense and the book. Overall, a great book and I will look out for the rest of the series! Bookworm 1346

 This book was not your standard mystery thriller – the author successfully included an underlining message which was not allowed to overpower the story 
Would I recommend this book? YES! It is an astounding tale that is guaranteed to keep you entertained to the very last page.

This is a book that gives you more than you expect and the plot is not quite as straight forward and simple as it sounds – it is very well done.
It is 4 stars from me for this one, well written and I will definitely be coming back to read more from this author – highly recommended! Donnas book blog

This is the author’s debut and the first in a series. I really enjoyed Secret Places and would definitely check out the next book. I got pulled into the book from the start and it gripped me until the final page. The book lovers boudoir 
This is a brilliantly written book, that successfully explores the subject of abuse and the repercussions that it can have. The b00kreader

Such a great debut I really do hope it is the first in the series for DI Greg Geldard, I really liked his character and would like to know more.
The divine write

The plot was very clever and I enjoyed the twists that allow you to think you know what’s happening but, then to be taken on a different path.
The case of the history of the skeleton and how it came to be buried on Tristan’s farmland introduced us to some complex characters and difficult encounters. I wanted to know who the body was and how it got there, and this kept me gripped right until the final page. Kate Rutherford

I really enjoyed this story. It's told from several points of view and it has flashbacks to the past. It starts as a slow burn read and builds into quite the page turner. There is an element of abuse which tugged at my heartstrings. I found it quite emotional. I wasn't expecting this and I was left thinking about this book long after I had finished. Highly recommended. 
My fiction book reviews

Secret Places’ by Heather Peck is a crime mystery with a an unexpected kick. 
The kick being the underlying topic of Domestic Violence and the effects it has on the victim and everyone around them too. Heather Peck has brought this into the story in a way that doesn’t overpower the actual main thread and she has found the balance with this terribly sensitive topic and I applaud her for that alone.
There are some colourful characters in this story and they made this a story that could have been written about a village anywhere in real life. Sharonbeyondthebooks

A quick enjoyable read with an unexpected, disturbing yet satisfying conclusion.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Toomanybooksneverenoughtime

Peck shifts quickly and seamlessly from perspective to perspective, allowing the readers to see the investigation unfold from the view of the police, the suspects, the actual perpetrator, and others with a connection to the plot.
The result is a wonderful collection of lenses that eventually focus on the trial and verdict and shocking twist at the end of the book.This is a book I will savor thinking about for a while. Scintilla

I thoroughly enjoyed this very unexpected novel. 
This novel was not what I expected and did not go where I expected it to go but it was an excellent read and I look forward to the next in the series!

Just finished. Only three sessions. Not about what I thought it was about. Read think and learn Jeff (Lord) Rooker
Glass Arrows Book Cover 2.jpg

Unmistakably East Anglian in its setting, Glass Arrows, the 2nd in a series by Peck featuring DCI Greg Geldard. Glass Arrows explores a dark side to rural communities and agricultural crimes, and tackles such issues with realism and sensitivity, from the personal impact of a bird flu outbreak to the challenges of recognising modern slavery. Glass Arrows keeps the reader engaged from start to finish, with remarkable attention to the details of a criminal investigation by Peck. A page-turner that, as a reader, would be enjoyable on screen as well as on the page."

Glass Arrows was shortlisted for the East Anglian Book Awards fiction prize 2021

(Category judge Kate Weston of UEA


"Tough subjects are explored with care and informed knowledge [...] If you like crime fiction or are a fan of police TV dramas, I would definitely recommend this book", 4/5 stars, @BroomsReviews


" exciting narrative and plenty of surprises to keep you turning the pages. What could have been a pedestrian whodunnit was avoided by the wealth of background in the story. Themes around organised crime and modern slavery were explained and explored sensitively", from The Untidy Bookshelf


"Glass Arrows is an authentically set and described crime novel and I urge you not to let it fall under your radar! If you like a realistic police-procedural you will love this", from Rutherford Reads


"Heather Peck has created a winning character in Geldard [...] this feels like a much more realistic sort of police procedural than the magical deduction of a detective mastermind", from @Scintilla_Info


"I highly recommend this book for fans of crime thrillers and police procedurals [...] Just make sure that wherever you settle, you have plenty of snacks and drinks as you won’t want to tear yourself away from this immersive page turner", from @Karteabooks

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Fires of Hate is a Firebird Book Awards Winner 2022

I have become a huge fan of Heather Peck and her character DCI Geldard. Scintilla
I’ve read both of Heather Peck’s previous books and have enjoyed them so much..... (they) have opened my eyes to a world of things I know very little about but, find completely fascinating, With hidden secrets along the way there is always more to things than meets the eye and I love getting stuck into a good mystery which keeps me guessing.

A really brilliant series of books. Rutherford Reads 

   it has everything I need in a book. Fantastic characters, a great storyline, and that feeling of sadness when it’s finished. Well deserved! Wee Glasgow bookworm

After having read Heather Peck’s novella Death on the Rhine I had to read The Temenos Remains when it came up for review!


A crime fiction novel which tells the story mainly from the POV of the police with very short chapters from the POV of the killer. This gave a ‘thrill of the chase’ kind of feeling which made it tense and atmospheric.

Whilst the main case was resolved there is another case being investigated in the novel, which I suspect starts in novel 1, and whilst progress is made the book ends on a cliffhanger. Now I’ll just have to patiently wait until Heather releases book 5! (Oh and read books 1,2,3 in the meantime).


I was lucky enough read another of Heather's books in another tour (Death on the Rhine) and loved it, I love being thrown into a new murder mystery series and love Greg's detective skills being put to the test! 

 This book had another murder, a mystery, twists, loved the fact that some of the chapters were from the killer's perspective alongside the investigations going on in other chapters.

 Loved the writing style, I like how Greg Geldard was more involved in this story and felt he was a genuine guy from his relationship with his colleagues. 

 That ending was brilliant! Where is Sarah?! 

Emma bookaholic

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