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Introducing the acclaimed Greg Geldard Norfolk Mysteries—your gateway to an enthralling world!


Tristan Smith, goat farmer, cheese maker, and weaver, is tending her North Yorkshire smallholding. Unexpectedly, the discovery of a skeleton in a deserted WW2 bunker by archaeologists sets off a chain of events that unravel a mystery beyond wartime casualties.


DI Geldard follows the trail from North Yorkshire to the Norfolk Broads, seeking justice for a long-deceased victim, while someone else searches for a fresh start and a safe haven.


A captivating tale of coercion and abuse set in picturesque locations.


'Gripping, thrilling and intense'

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Shortlisted for the East Anglian Book Awards fiction prize 2021

DCI Geldard Book 2

When the body of a farmworker is found during a turkey cull, the incident falls to DCI Greg Geldard to investigate. Newly promoted and newly transferred from North Yorkshire to Norfolk, he is about to face the most challenging case of his career. As he uncovers evidence of organised crime and modern slavery, the body count rises, a friend is threatened and he struggles to bring the murderer to justice.

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Firebird Book Award Winner 2022


DCI Geldard Book 3


When does anger become hate? And what happens when it does? Fires of Hate explores how passion can become anger and anger be perverted into hate.


With successful convictions from his last big case in the bag, Greg Geldard might be forgiven for anticipating a period of quiet routine. He doesn’t get it. Threats to a government laboratory and danger for someone close to him make life complicated. Then he’s posed an ethical conundrum in court. Can hate ever be wholly sane?

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Death on the Rhine 
- a DCI Geldard spin-off novella

Much to Greg’s amusement, his friends Ben and Paula embark on a river cruise for their second honeymoon.

Relaxation and luxury are guaranteed; and evil in an unexpected place.


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The Temenos Remains - DCI Geldard Book 4

Authentically set in the beautiful rural world of the Norfolk Broads and the sometimes treacherous Norfolk coastline, this thriller follows a serial killer and his pursuer; exploring issues around mental health and exploitation of sex workers

With his ex-wife receiving threatening phone calls, loose ends still flapping from his last big case and a ritual burial found in an archaeological dig; the last thing Greg Geldard needs is an East Coast flood and a cliff fall that reveals - what exactly?


Following on from Fires of Hate, ‘The Temenos Remains’ takes Greg Geldard from Roman archaeology near Norwich to collapsing East Coast cliffs.


‘Ritual burials are rare. Finding them – rarer still. When three turn up, Greg Geldard knows he has a problem.’


The nature of the victims and historic attitudes complicate his  investigation as he struggles to find the killer’s latest victim before it’s too late.

Dig Two Graves - DCI Geldard Book 5





A mutilated body, a missing colleague, a bent copper... 

As Greg moves fast to rescue a friend, his riverside home is targeted for revenge.

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