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Books for Children

Children, Books and Pets are a magical combination.....

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These stories, beautifully illustrated by Helen Morrish, all come from my life with alpacas, sheep, dogs and more dogs. Come on in and share the fun.

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First in the Norfolk Spaniels Series

Isn’t this our Forever Home?’ asked Bramble.


Springer Spaniel Patch has four puppies on the farm where she lives with Marigold the House Cow, Gertie Goose, Sally-for-short the Sow, and lots of worried woollies.

But the puppies can’t stay forever and

they have a lot to learn.

"a heart-warming children's book that seamlessly combines the love for dogs with valuable lessons in responsible dog ownership. With care and sensitivity, this enchanting story takes young readers on an exciting journey through the eyes of endearing puppies named Bramble and Bracken, capturing their adventures and teaching them essential life lessons.....a delightful addition to any child's library, captivating their hearts and inspiring their imaginations."

Clare Rusbridge FRCVS


Coming soon......

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